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Roach Control

Make your house a roach-free zone

Cockroaches carry bacteria such as E coli and salmonella and are harmful for people with allergies to their feces, saliva and their rotting carcasses. But even if they weren’t a health hazard, nobody wants roaches in their home. Keeping your house clean, sealing up openings to the outside and storing food securely are all important, but none of these steps guarantees roaches won’t move in. Roaches will eat anything, including normal household items like books and wallpaper paste, which is why it’s impossible to completely eliminate any possible food source.

How to get rid of them? You will want a professional with the right materials, equipment and know-how.

How do roaches get into your house?

Considering the amazing attributes and abilities of the cockroach, the wonder is that all of us don’t have an infestation. If a roach wants to get into your house, it can; even the largest ones can quickly slip through a crack of only 3 millimeters. That’s because their exoskeletons are extremely flexible. If you’ve ever tried to squash one, you know it takes quite a bit of force to do the job, because those exoskeletons are also very tough. And you’ve probably well aware of how amazingly fast cockroaches can move. They can run at a rate of 3 miles per hour … but it sure seems faster when you’re trying to smash one. This is why you need help to get them out of your house.

Did you know?

Roaches can live for up to a week without a head. They don’t need their heads to breathe, but they do need them to drink, so they can live until they die of thirst.

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