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Mice, Rats, Rodents

Got a mouse in the house?

If you have a mouse in the house, you might be able to handle it with your basic mousetrap. If you have a full-blown mouse infestation — or worse yet, rats — in your home or business, you will want professional help.

You may first notice you have a problem when you notice something like holes nibbled into the bottom of a box of cereal, or you may find droppings. Not sure which you have? Check out what they leave behind. Mouse droppings resemble dark brown grains of rice, but smaller. Rat droppings resemble dark brown grains of rice, but larger. Rats can produce up to 40 droppings a night! You may hear mice or rodents moving around at night. You may even see the mouse or rat moving around.

Your first step will be to call us. Your second step will be to seal all openings, remembering that a mouse needs an opening only as large as a dime to slip inside. If you seal openings to prevent mice, you’ll keep out the rats as well. Third, contain all food sources, such as oatmeal and rice, in rodent-proof containers. Discard any food that has been exposed to rodents, and thoroughly disinfect any areas where they’ve been, particularly areas where food is prepared or eaten. Rodents carry a number of diseases and you do not want to co-exist with them.

Did you know?

Female mice can become pregnant when they are around six weeks old and they are able to give birth six to 10 times per year. With each of the female offspring reproducing six weeks later, and those offspring beginning to reproduce six weeks after that … well, give us a call sooner rather than later!

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